Once you've found the perfect vehicle at our Acura dealership near Los Angeles, CA, you can begin to explore your payment options. We've teamed up with numerous banks and financial institutions to offer you a wide range of auto financing and lease options. We will do our best to find a fantastic fit for your budget!

The decision to lease or finance your vehicle, whether you're interested in an Acura MDX SUV or TLX sedan, depends on many factors, but most customers make their choice based on the monthly payments and how long they typically drive their vehicles. In general, clients who lease prefer to drive a new car every two to three years and appreciate being able to make lower monthly payments. For certain business clients, there may also be additional tax advantages associated with leasing. Meanwhile, clients who finance their vehicles tend to use them for five to 10 years and enjoy driving without mileage limitations or upkeep fees.

Lower Monthly Payments

If the finance period is the same, your monthly payments will generally be lower when leasing (vs. traditional financing) because your payments will be based on the vehicle's estimated depreciation. That's because you're contracting to use a portion of the car's value, rather than buying the entire car.

Lower Down Payment

One of the biggest advantages of a lease is that it does not usually require a substantial down payment. In California, you pay the sales taxes as part of your monthly lease payment, rather than in a lump sum.

Enjoy a New Acura Every Three Years

A short-term lease makes it easy to drive a new car more frequently. Plus, if changes in your life necessitate a larger or smaller car in a few years, a lease can make it easier to plan and adapt.

Enjoy End-of-Lease Options

You don't have to worry about resale value. If your car depreciates more than the estimated residual value in your lease contract at full term, you can turn it in at the end of your lease term. But if it's worth more, you can buy it to keep or resell it.  A lease gives you options!

Enjoy your Acura for a longer period of time

If you typically keep your vehicle for five to 10 years, then traditional financing may be right for you. With our competitive rates and flexible terms, we'll work hard to find your best finance option.  

Owner Equity

Payment by payment, your ownership equity may increase. And the longer you drive the vehicle after your contract is complete, the more value you derive from your investment.

No Restrictions on Mileage

This is important to consider if you drive more than 12,000 to 15,000 miles per year.

Make Changes to Your Car's Appearance

You can alter the interior or exterior however you like to suit your taste (though your choices may affect the resale value).

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