Why are regular oil changes important?

Oil cleans and lubricates the moving parts in your engine. It keeps everything moving freely and also acts as a cooling mechanism. As oil is traveling along all of the moving parts, it picks up dirt and other particles that otherwise could have scratched and or damaged closely fitted parts in your vehicle's engine. The longer the oil stays in your engine, the greater the chance of increased wear due to heat and friction. Regular oil changes keep your engine running more smoothly so you can achieve optimum performance and longevity out of your vehicle. Get an oil change in Glendale today! Schedule an appointment with our Service Department.

When do I need to change my oil?

Your Acura has a Maintenance Minder or an odometer driven service reminder on earlier models. The Maintenance Minder calculates remaining oil life based on your unique driving conditions. The "Service Due Soon" message will appear when your oil life reaches 15 percent. Please note that 15 percent of oil life does not represent actual oil levels (see chart below to see when you should get your vehicle serviced). If your vehicle does not have a maintenance minder then refer to your owner's manual. If you still are in need of assistance please call our service department at 888-670-9904 and we would be happy to help you!

Oil life %




Message in vehicle

Service Due Soon

Service Due Now

Service Past Due

What you should do

Schedule an appointment

Take your vehicle in for service now

Your service is overdue - See us today!

Why do I sometimes hear a squealing or grinding noise when braking?

Sometimes a hi-pitched noise is a warning that the brake pads are nearing the service limit. However, some brake noise is considered normal. Many different driving conditions can cause noise when braking, including: heavy braking, dusty/sandy conditions, or even humidity. Since brakes are such an important part of your car, it's vital to have them inspected regularly. If you feel like your brakes are making a distinctive "screeching" noise or you feel like something just isn't right - don't hesitate to bring in your vehicle to be properly inspected by a trained technician at Acura of Glendale. Or, contact us by asking a question to our technical staff.

When do I need to change my brake pads?

There is no specific mileage interval to remember for when the brake pads should be replaced. Brake wear varies depending on how the vehicle is driven. For example: traffic conditions, the braking habits of the driver, the weight of the vehicle, the design of the braking system and many other variables all play a role in the life of your brake pads. The only way to confirm that brake pad replacement is needed is to have them inspected. Schedule an appointment with one of our service advisors to have your brake pads inspected.

Why should I resurface my rotors?

Brake rotors are the metal discs on to which the brake pads clamp to slow the vehicle. Brake rotors can become worn or damaged through brake usage, creating the need for resurfacing or replacement. If you are experiencing steering wheel vibration or a grinding sensation when braking, please call our service department at (888) 670-9904 or schedule an appointment with one of our service advisers

Where can I find my radio/navigation system anti-theft codes?

The audio system is disabled when it is disconnected from the power source such as when the battery is disconnected or goes dead. The system will then display the words "enter code." For new Acuras, set the ignition power switch to on, turn on the audio system and hold the audio system power button for more than two seconds. Older Acura audio and navigation systems require the anti-theft code to be entered manually, using the radio station pre-set buttons and the navigation system interface dial. These codes were given to the original owner on a small plastic card at the time of purchase If you are unable to locate these codes, please contact us for assistance.

Why do I need to do maintenance on my car?

Keeping up with the maintenance on your vehicle will help to extend the life of your car. Your vehicle involves numerous moving parts and requires proper servicing to maintain long term performance and avoid costly repairs.

How long do service appointments usually take?

Times vary, so it's always best to call in advance to speak to a service advisor at (888) 670-9904 for an accurate time estimate.

How do I pair my phone with my vehicle?

Click the link below to search HandsFreeLink compatible phones and find pairing instructions. Don't forget to register on the Acura owner website https://owners.acura.com/ for model information, advanced technology tips, instructional videos, online owner's manual and more! It's a fantastic resource built just for you!