Here are some helpful tips on how to stay safe and save money by maintaining your tires.

1) Maintain tire inflation pressure.
  • If tire pressure becomes too low, excessive tire wear, reduced fuel economy, poor handling or tire failure can occur.
  • The best time to check your cars tire pressure is when the tires are cold, which is anytime your car has been sitting for approximately three hours.
  • The recommended tire pressures for your Acura can be found on a label located on the lower right corner of the drivers door opening or in your owner's manual.
  • All newer Acura's come with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) that appears on your Multi- Information Display (MID), located on your instrument panel.  The TPMS will not only notify you when your tire pressure is low, but most models will display the actual pressure of each tire.

2) Check tire tread wear.

  • You can check to see if your tires are approaching the wear limit (generally at approximately 2/32 tread depth remaining) by using a tire tread gauge, a penny or a quarter. If you place a penny upside down in the tread line of your tire and you can see Abe Lincoln's head - your tire tread is probably worn to the wear limit and you should consider replacement tires as soon as possible. You can also administer the same test but with a quarter. If you can see George Washington's head - you should think about getting new tires soon, but it is not necessary to get tires immediately.

3) Acura of Glendale performs a complementary Tire Inflation Service every time you bring your vehicle in for service!  We are a full service, Acura Authorized tire center.

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